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About the 2017 Diabetes Dash For Life 5K



Presented by Retina Associates.

Latest News

  • We need Volunteers
    If you are interested in Volunteering for the 2017 Diabetes Dash 5K on November 5, 2017 please email Brian Cole...
  • Race Weekend Information
    Race Begins at 8:00am on November 5, 2017 at the American Academy of Family Physicians (114th and Tomahawk Creek Parkway,...
  • 10 Best Foods To Eat Post-Workout
    Most men who hit the gym are familiar with plateaus. You know, when you just can’t seem to gain any...

Our Charity – JDRF

  • JDRF – Improving Lives and Curing Type 1 Diabetes
    JDRF is the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Driven by passionate, grassroots volunteers connected to...